Ignite Your Soul

Make the shift, accelerate your growth

The time is upon us to remember the truth of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. 

Let your light shine

You are on a mission back home. Accelerate your journey by connecting your light or energetic body to the planetary energy source grid. 

Align your life

I would love to help you on this sacred journey to reestablish harmony and peace through an extrasensory axiatonal alignment or spiritual healing.  


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Ignite the Planet

North Hollywood, California, United States



By Appointment Only


Ignite the Planet services are not provided by a licensed health care professional.  Extrasensory axiatonal alignment and healing services are pursuant to California SB-577 and section 2053.6. Services provided by Ignite the Planet are alternative or complementary to healing arts and are not licensed by the state.