About Me



My name is Angelique. I am a midwestern girl who ended up in California searching for some new and interesting experiences. And, wow, have I ever found them over the past 20 plus years! There really is a lot to learn and experience here in the Los Angeles area. 

I have gone through many phases of life from calm and well-mannered to a wild child to a more balanced adult (most of the time). Lol. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my journey began with energy healing and learning more about Spirit and my life’s purpose. Life is a long winding path with each step leading you to the next. Some people seem to see this path quite clearly and they charge forward with gusto. For me; however, this has not been the case. I am very empathic, and I have felt my way through life. It has been much more like having a flash light to guide my way through the dark than a bright daylit trail with signs posted or navigation leading me to my destination. At times, this has been unnerving, but for the most part I have always felt guided, supported and in tune with what is important in each moment. 

I won’t get into each detail that added up to big changes in my life because it would turn into a novel. I will leave you with the thought that the more I learn, the more I realize that it is the simple things in life that are important. Getting to know yourself and connecting to your inner knowledge. Connecting with the mother nature. Connecting with family and friends and enjoying life. Loving yourself and those around you. These are at the core of what is important in life. As simple as it sounds my friends, I know that even the simple things in life often feel challenging. So, stay strong. Keep seeking wisdom, peace and love. 

Much love and light.